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Welcome to my site. Have you been searching for an online Mommy? With some of my adult babies, I am “sweet Mommy Jenn”, nurturing, kind and caring. With others I like to humiliate whether publicly or in private. Teasing some to the point that some of my babies get excited at just the mere sound of my seductive voice. And finally I can a very cruel Mommy who likes to inflict her sadistic torments on her poor adult baby boys and girls.

ABDL Calls with Mommy

Do you want to talk with Mommy? Are you craving some affection and care? Or do you need some good old fashioned discipline? I am an ABDL Mommy for adult babies. I offer personal phone sessions, skype sessions, and cam sessions.

ABDL Audio Clips

Imagine listening to Mommy Jenn’s voice while on the drive to work or before bed time. An audio will help you stay connected with Mommy even when she’s not around.

I also make custom audio and video clips so you can listen to me or watch me over and over again, whenever you need. 

ABDL Video Clips

Watch my videos to see what life with Mommy is like. Mommy has so many different types of videos to keep Little’s entertained and out of trouble. And if you do get into trouble, you know that Mommy will need to spank you for that.

I do NOT see people in-person
You are welcome to connect with me via phone, CAM, or clips.

About Me

I am an ABDL Mommy for adult babies. I do phone sessions, skype or cam sessions, and clips.

Gifts for Mommy

Want to make Mommy Jenn smile? Then get her a gift from her wishlist:

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